Adeline Ng

(Illusionist | Singapore)

The Singapore based illusionist performs classic and modern illusions in her indomitable style to heart thumping music. The Illusionist, Adeline Ng, uses different elements like LEDS, UV glow technology and more to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Adeline started working the magic industry in 2006. She is one of the few female magicians and illusionists in the world. In the past 10 years, Adeline Ng has been honing and practising her craft under and alongside with her mentors, top illusionists in Asia – J C Sum and Ning Cai (formerly known as ‘Magic Babe’ Ning), giving her an invaluable experience with magic and world-class productions. In 2016, she started her own company Artful Deceptions.

Compared to any peers of the same age, she has travelled across the world for shows, from Mumbai, Melbourne to Oman, Italy and France, giving her an extremely unique international perspective on shows. Besides performing, Adeline has also worked behind the scenes in world-class productions, mega illusions, stunts and international TV productions. A magic artist in her own right, Adeline has made her own mark on the industry and is determined to bring her personal vision of illusions to life. Adeline has been featured in the local and international media several times and was a featured magician in both seasons of “M for Magic”, an online television series. Most recently, Adeline was featured in international radio broadcast, BBC Radio Station.

Skills: Shows
Client: Maya Kunha